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    a more correct figure is 5 to 6 million years. Most Colorado Plateau geologists (meaning, those who really know the geology of this province) are in agreement. Most are also succored by the headward erosion-stream capture ("piracy") entailing the so-called Hualapai drainage (from the western sector) then merging with the Ancestral Colorado (in the Hopi Mesa country southeast of the canyon), followed by drainage reversal, meaning the CR, so-named, re-entered the fairly virgin territory and cut its path to the southwest (and therefore not the northeast-heading drainage that was initially established). Of course, you have to weigh the elevation difference between the Basin and Range Province and the Colorado Plateau, which was also changing. The setup for everything took, I think, between 30 to 70 million years ago. But the actual carving of the Kaibab Plateau, the future Grand Canyon, was fairly recent in time. Ice-Age glaciation, by the way, during the Pleistocene also dumped a huge c.f.s. flow through the canyon for thousands of years, and that's likely the time its greatest deepening took place. Anyway, I, myself, savano66, am comfortable teaching the 5 or 6 to 80 million year fabrication notion, because the Mancos Sea rolled out of the region that many years ago and therefore the canyon was cut sometime before the Muddy Creek Formation came along before 5 million years. Thanks for posting the comment.

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