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View Diary: In Major Decision to Benefit Climate Change Mitigation;SCOTUS Rejects Challenge to EPA Authority (73 comments)

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  •  Feckless claims of "climate change mitigation" (0+ / 0-)

    The diarist is alleging that the Supreme Court decision denying cert and thus leaving EPA's 2010 decision to publish the 1 hr NO2 National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) is somehow a.....

    "Major Decision to Benefit Climate Change Mitigation"
    All parts of this characterization are conflated and erroneous.

    Just to give you an example how conflated and erroneous this claim is, note EPA's decision pursuant to the NO2 NAAQS decision to declare the entire United States plus all Native American reservations as "attainment or unclassifiable" for the NO2 one hour standard.

    What this means is that U.S. EPA has determined that there is no basis to consider that any geographical areas of the United States are presently violating the 1 hour NO2 NAAQS strandards.  

    Because no areas of the United States and Native American reservations are considered to be in violation of the NO2 1 hr NAAQS, there will be no development or publication of State Implementation Plan control rules that would have the effect of requiring NO2 emission reductions solely on the basis of the 1 hr NO2 impacts caused by NO2 emission sources.

    The Supremes denied cert over a challenge to the ambient NO2 concentration contained in a NO2 NAAQS and there will be no emission control programs from the non-existent NO2 nonattainment areas......calling this situation a "major decision benefiting climate change mitigation" is erroneous depiction of reality and is not a conclusion based on air pollution control science.


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