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View Diary: His paycheck slashed by sequester, this man is trying to go back to war (94 comments)

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    Am I really supposed to feel sorry for this guy? $80,000 per year? That is a very nice income, even for a high cost area like around DC. Also, $250 on cell phones, BMW, $1900/mo apartment…? A $600 monthly payment on credit cards means this guy is likely carrying a balance somewhere around $25,000  or $30,000.

    Sorry, the dude just sounds like an idiot. If you are pulling down $80k and still living paycheck to paycheck you are doing something wrong and it’s no fault but your own. Also, veteran status and Bronze Star aside, he’s not a very sympathetic character in general. Flunked out of a good college. Divorced twice. Considering the magnitude of his fuckups in life he’s actually doing quite well for himself and has precisely zero basis for complaint.

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    by Joe Bob on Tue Apr 02, 2013 at 02:56:03 PM PDT

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