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View Diary: My 5th Annual World Autism Awareness Day Diary - Social Isolation and Making the Best of Things (77 comments)

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  •  I am so sorry this happened to you (7+ / 0-)
    but I learned very early that a meltdown would get me a beating.
    That's just awful. That's like beating a blind person for bumping into something.
    •  eh, it doesn't now so I have made peace (6+ / 0-)

      My parents are not... complex people and live in another world where physical punishment was not only the norm, but the preferred method of dealing with anything they didn't understand.  

      We were a southern military family and back in the day - well, things were different.  They had me, the quiet weird kid - and they were told I would "outgrow" my autism, so no accommodations were made for me at all - and a younger brother with type I diabetes - so they focused on him because his illness was something physical they understood and wasn't their fault.  

      This put me in the "healthy kid" box and my issues simply didn't exist - I was just being a pain in the ass as far as they were concerned.  It might have been different if I wasn't as high functioning as I am - but I am. So they saw my stresses and outbursts as misbehaviour and attention seeking rather than part and parcel of having an autistic child.

      And we sail and we sail and we never see land, just the rum in the bottle and a pipe in my hand...

      by Mortifyd on Wed Apr 03, 2013 at 10:47:35 AM PDT

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