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  •  Again, you are changing what I said. (1+ / 0-)
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    I said in the political arena, ridiculing or name calling someone for his or her religious beliefs is disrespectful.  That's because in the political arena, religious beliefs are a constitutionally protected right.  

    I never said it silenced religion to disrespect.  It does make it more difficult to accomplish your goals when you disrespect a constitutionally-protected rights.  When you are talking about what government policy should be, THAT is where it is inappropriate to call ridicule or disrespect a constitutionally protected right, because government policy must respect that constitutionally protected right.

    If you want to ridicule and disrespect religion personally, away from a discussion of governmental policy, that's completely your right.  I certainly think less of people personally who stoop to that kind of name calling and ridiculing of people who hold different beliefs, but I recognize that they have a constitutional right to be what I think are idiots.  

    However, when you are trying to advance political goals, it is completely counterproductive to call people names or ridicule them for their constitutionally protected rights.  And because political goals are inextricably intertwined with constitutional rights, THERE -- in the political arena -- I think it's wrong and I don't mind calling people out for it.    

    •  Disrespect is a constitutionally protected right (0+ / 0-)

      Why are you disrespecting my constitutionally protected right?

      Not very effective.

      Why are you being counterproductive?

      Your argument is ridiculous when tied to the Constitution.

      Try something else.

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