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View Diary: If government is full of tyranny, why arm it to the teeth? (239 comments)

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  •  And as I said before in another diary... (0+ / 0-)

    After Kent state, everything changed with the National guard.  You'll never see another Kent State.

    Furthermore, the Guard is even more closely tied to the community/state.  Their whole selling point, aside from college tuition, is that you can serve your community as well as your country.

    If a given community has strong militia/sovereignty/whatever aspirations, then the guard unit mustered from it is going to have similar feelings.  So why not just send in another unit you ask... what makes you think another unit form the same state is going to fair any better?  And guard units can only be sent from one state to another if federalized, which makes them Regular Army units, so that option is out too.

    Its a broken premise from either side of the argument.

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