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View Diary: If government is full of tyranny, why arm it to the teeth? (239 comments)

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    Sam Sara

    I have pointed this fact out time and time again.

    Unlike Iraqis and Afghans, would-be Wolverines do not have the access to explosives which would make an effective IED campaign as crippling as it was in OIF/OEF. Now an armed populace is nothing to be sneezed at but once again any 'freedom fighters' are going to be in EXACTLY the same boat the Taliban has found themselves in during most of OEF.

    They can kill people but they can't hold territory unless their enemy (that would be us/NATO) withdraw. So sure your 2nd Amendment Paladin can snipe those evil government troops all day and usually get away with it. Yet the minute he and his 'patriotic' buddies gather together to 'throw the bastards out' they become an easy target and get wiped out. I saw first hand what happens to 200+ guys with hand-guns when they go up against helicopters, gunships and artillery. (Hint: Patrick Swayze couldn't have saved them)

    So It does seem rather paradoxical that a certain segment of our population says we need guns to protect us from the government while doing there best not to cut weapon systems owned and operated by said government.

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