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  •  It's dangerous to attempt to determine in advance (8+ / 0-)

    how this court will rule on pretty much anything and even if we can determine HOW they'll rule, it's simply speculation to try and figure out the WHY of it. Whatever we may think of certain individuals who currently serve on the Supreme Court they really are not stupid. Intellectually lazy or dishonest perhaps but not stupid.

    One has to wonder whether the issue on marriage equality will really come down to a "conservative versus liberal" divide or, if it does come down to that, what that actually involves. It very well could be that the political meanings of those terms is in the process of revision.

    It should certainly seem like a slam dunk that DOMA will be struck down one way or the other; there's no conceivable Constitutional justification for least none that could be repeated with a (pardon the expression here) straight face. In fact the whole thing stinks to high heaven. The devil will of course be in the details. And those of us who presume as I do that DOMA is doomed could be proven wrong. We assumed ACA would be overturned and we were mistaken. So until the decision is issued, all we can do is go back to guessing and reading tea leaves.

    •  indeed (1+ / 0-)
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    •  'Radical' is not liberal, so there is no revision. (0+ / 0-)

      Today's cons are not conservative.  The strongest single common thread bt the various con groups is a desire to overthrow the social/political/legal order that evolved over the last 75-100 years (and one could argue on some things, like civil rights, the last 160 years) and replace it with their own utopian corptocracy/theocracy/nihiltocracy/new Fuedalism.

      For historical illustration, Nazism was not conservative, Bolshevism was not liberal.  But both were radically utopian.  

      And it is no coincidence today's cons/Thugs bear more semblance to those two than to the Founding Fathers.

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