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View Diary: The bigots not happy about being called bigots (96 comments)

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  •  United by their hatred and common enemies (7+ / 0-)

    As kos has noted, there are too many disparate factions in the GOP to be rallied by a single positive principle.  As authoritarians (even the libertarian wing) they do unite around  common hatreds and perceived common enemies.

    In fact, I think the only reason GOP punditry and party leadership exists is to continue to gin up enemies for the party to unite against.

    Any time I hear bogus grievances being kicked out by the right--the Google Cesar Chavez/Hugo Chavez kerfuffle, for example--I realize that they don't just cling to God and guns for comfort in a changing world, they hold their perceived slights even tighter, like high school drama queens.  They need to be offended to reinforce their battle against "enemies" on the left.

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