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View Diary: Don't think sequestration is inflicting pain? Try reading the local news. (21 comments)

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    If you look at the effects of the sequester, try and take note of its effects on housing programs for the poor, educational programs used by the poor, nutrition programs that help the poor.  Yup.  The sequester is just a bit of austerity lite, isn't it?  

    Meanwhile, the one percent saw a 121 percent increase in wealth in 2012, while the rest of us actually lost ground.  While I fully understand the argument that we need to all become janitors for George W. Bush and Dick Cheney's spendthrift ways that got so bad they looked like a couple of desperate housewives at the mall, what I don't understand is how fiercely the Republicans protect the very rich.  

    If there's a need for austerity, it's among the very rich.  Mitt Romney bragged about his 10 mansions, yet over a million people right now are absolutely homeless.  I live in a mixed neighborhood with Latinos and myself on the bottom rung and young professionals on the top rung, and I can see where the tax cuts are going: to BMWs, Mercedes, Porsches, Lincolns, Cadillacs and ritzy condominiums.  Of course, the roads are a mess.  

    This brings up an important question: What good is a luxury car if the roads upon which it rolls are filled with potholes?  

    Tax the rich.  Help the poor.  

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