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  •  I did campaign polling for McCloskey (0+ / 0-)

    I was in grad school in those days, and Nixon was trying to get rid of him because of his principled and credible anti-war stance. They ran Shirley Temple against him in the primary. Hard-core liberal democrat though I was, I went over to volunteer for McCloskey. After a bit, I realized we had a lot of volunteers canvassing, and that with a little bit of organization, we could do a systematic job of polling. I suggested the idea, rather diffidently, to the campaign manager, and next thing I knew, I was in charge of this polling operation. This was before politicians even thought of hiring pollsters - that really began with Jimmy Carter hiring Pat Caddell. But I was a doctoral student at the best stat department in the world, so I knew a little about it, and by pure dumb beginner's luck, my projections came out right on the money in primary and general elections. So I did get to meet Pete, a few times, and I was impressed with his courage and straightforwardness.

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