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View Diary: Reaping What You Sow: Are White Supremacists Preparing to Fight a new Civil War? (276 comments)

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  •  Bullshit! (0+ / 0-)
    Some people are just trouble and I don't think he was able to exist in society
    WE create these monsters through inequality.

    "Til you're so fucking crazy you can't follow their rules" John Lennon - Working Class Hero

    by Horace Boothroyd III on Wed Apr 03, 2013 at 05:39:26 AM PDT

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    •  I didn't say it wasn't a tragedy; I'd like to hear (2+ / 0-)
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      PavePusher, DarthMeow504

      how you think how he could exist in open society, given his record both inside and outside of prison.  Maybe he was dealt a lousy hand, maybe he could have been a productive member of society at some point.  I just don't think he was capable of it at the point when he was released.  My evidence is what he chose to do with his freedom.

      •  Actually addressing the causes of his criminal (0+ / 0-)


        What I don't think most people understand is that the prison use of solitary confinement as used here. Where someone is sensory deprived and then provoked into acting on the inevitable aggression and then punished with more sensory deprivation. Continuing a cycle.

        We do the same thing to our nations poor. We back them into a psychological corner and then expect them to respond rationally under stress. We are asking people to do the impossible and then punishing them for failing.

        Until that is fixed I think NO ONE should be in our prisons.

        "Til you're so fucking crazy you can't follow their rules" John Lennon - Working Class Hero

        by Horace Boothroyd III on Wed Apr 03, 2013 at 08:43:38 AM PDT

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        •  Are you saying he and other violent prisoners (3+ / 0-)
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          Chrisfs, PavePusher, DarthMeow504

          should be let out of prison, and then what?  Give them counseling sessions on how to express themselves non-violently?  Give them training so they can be productive workers?  Give them a job so they can afford to live on the outside?

          I have no problems with counseling and training and other rehab work within prison, but in this case, Ebel threatened to kill guards upon his release, and when he was released, he was given a tracking anklet that he was able to easily remove and that didn't immediately result in a follow-up by law enforcement when he removed it.  He told people he would cause violence and death if he was let out of prison, and he followed through with those threats once he was out.  These deaths were foreseeable, preventable and yet they weren't.

          I've agreed with you on many of your posts, but on this one, I strongly disagree.  Prisons do serve a valuable purpose in separating those who would bring society down from society in general.  Determining who should be in and who should not be is an imperfect science carried out by law, politicians and the rest of society.  However, I feel it does need to be done.

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