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View Diary: Let's Send Elizabeth Colbert Busch to Congress (44 comments)

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  •  I frankly (6+ / 0-)

    could careless about his personal life, in fact it appears he was actually in love, but again.. I don't care about that. Stephen's sister should focus on the fact he was MIA and frankly abandoned the people of SC. Seriously.. how can you come back from that?

    •  well (5+ / 0-)
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      There was also taking unscheduled days off from work, and questions about how he was paying for these little jaunts off to Argentina, and how his aides had no way to find him if things went wrong...

      The personal life things weren't so bad for me, either.  It's the fact that this affair was more important to him than doing his job properly.

      If folks down in SC 'hire' him to be their next congressman, is he going to take that job just as seriously?  OK, congresscritters can be pretty lazy so long as they have a decent staff, but a lazy congresscritter won't be fighting for the things your district needs..

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