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View Diary: NRA Is Winning And I Told You They Likely Would (39 comments)

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  •  By all means, I want the conversation going (1+ / 0-)
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    My state is finally looking like it will adopt:
    1) constitutional carry
    2) eliminate prohibitions on carry in schools
    3) establish a parking lot rule
    4) allow people with permits to carry in schools
    5) removal of several other Jim Crow era prohibitions

    Had this conversation not been in the spotlight, it likely wouldn't be at the forefront of the political agenda.

    It would be better if these things were being pushed by someone other than the far right.  Unfortunately, I don't think that the D's will fully realize the importance of upholding all rights enshrined by the Constitution until they take a black eye over this issue, though, that is certainly coming.

    •  Great, so the country can have two visions (0+ / 0-)

      of America to choose from - yours and Connecticut's.

      Works for me.

    •  ... and noway, about our previous discussion (0+ / 0-)

      about forcing people to your will (what happened, you never responded?) - here's another example of how your side of the debate tries force its will on people in the crudest of fashions:

      The vast majority of people who came to testify on bills were respectful and considerate, yet there were some who were disrespectful and engaged in loud outbursts. These folks had to be gaveled down and threatened with removal. In the wee hours on the final gun bill in the Senate State Affairs Committee, the audience was downright unruly, so much so that it was only prudent to seek an escort to our vehicles late at night afterward.
      Most disturbing of all was the knowledge that many female legislators, or the daughters of male legislators, received e-mails threatening them with sexual assault by males as a result of the positions they have taken on these bills.
      We have a long way to go before intimidation of females is no longer a tool used by some males to get their way. We may think that the use of sexual assault, or threats of sexual assault, as a way to control women or their male loved ones is something that happens in Third World countries or in times of war, but we have read the e-mails and the threats, and we now know it is alive and well in Colorado. One legislator was told she didn't care about rape victims because she was not attractive enough to be raped, or "serviced."

      It's that vision for America v. Connecticut's vision for America.

      Good luck with that.

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