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View Diary: NRA Is Winning And I Told You They Likely Would (39 comments)

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  •  use their power against them. (0+ / 0-)

    1). Use a blue state with tough gun laws, that still allows citizens the RKBA.

    -Illinois will have concealed carry by June 9th.  Why?  because if they don't they get constitutional carry.  NRA will, not surprisingly, herald the falling of last state without a legal carry option as a win.  Well, maybe not...

    -The Illinois concealed carry legislation is being driven by downstate Democrats.  We can chose to highlight Democrats as defenders of all civil liberties, and try to change the popular conception that democrats are after your guns.  Illinois is weird this way, the party politics in Illinois are the Chicago machine democrats vs the rest of the state democratic party at large.

    -Illinois has has a successful FOID card program since 1968.  This can be used as a federal example of how democrats want to be tough on crime and criminals, but not tough on law-abiding citizens.

    2). steal their thunder.  
    -Beat the NRA to the punch, congratulating Illinois on authoring a carry bill which balances the RKBA with safety concerns by requiring classroom and range instruction.
    -Offer up Illinois 'total package' of gun control as a national standard (universal background checks, the foid card closes the gunshow loophole, and a national registry of owners, and shall-issue carry if you have a clean background check).

    The current rhetoric isn't working.  Polls show it, the history of gun control efforts over the past 30 years show it.  Offer a alternative narrative to the NRA, where a law-abiding citizen's RKBA is safe as long as they are not a felon, domestic abuser, subject of a restraining order, or mentally Ill.  Frame the NRA as, instead, the protector of felons, domestic abusers, and unstable persons RKBA.  

    In short, make them irrelevant. by showing the nation that Democrats 'get it' and want to protect law abiding citizens.

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