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View Diary: The Daily Bucket - Canada Goose nest watch, 2013 (68 comments)

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  •  Busy at work today, late to the Bucket. But (8+ / 0-)

    such a sweet hopeful account of the geese this year. Fingers crossed for them. So sad about the previous year, trying several times, then the lonely outcome. Beautifully written, bwren. Goslings are amazing. I saw a video of newly hatched goslings in a nest constructed in a tree for them last year. The mom walked over to the edge and flew down. Then one by one all the babies jumped over the edge at that spot, down 20 feet or so into tall grass. Like little balls of fluff, a soft landing. They were less than 24 hours old. The camera switched to the ground, where the mom and dad herded all the babies out of the grass, visible only as a lot of rustling, across a road and into a pond, where they all swam off. Quite amazing what they can manage so early in life!

    The dry spell broke today. Clouded up and then started raining steadily from midday, to just a little while ago, when the wind started. Now we're in the "donut hole", dry and windy. But pretty warm.

    Hurray about the parrots!

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