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View Diary: Dr. Internet tells me I have an autoimmune disease. I hope Dr. Real World will too. (39 comments)

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    Kevskos, flowerfarmer, FloridaSNMOM

    I'm putting research about Timothy Stout on my 'to do' list for the evening.

    Like you, I'm completely open to exploring alternatives to prescribed meds. Luckily, I'm living in South Africa and I suspect recommended treatments are more in line with European thinking than American. I have been shocked to see how many US doctors recommend irreversible radioactive iodine therapy before trying more conservative hormone blockers.

    I know someone else with Graves' and he opted to follow the advice of a local nutritionist who specializes in autoimmune diseases. If I'm not mistaken, like you, the nutritionist sent his MS into remission through diet - almost 20 years ago!

    One of the things he recommended was removing all metal fillings from teeth. There is a school of thought (that I need to learn more about) that believes that the amalgam fillings leech mercury into the system, causing significant deleterious health issues and particularly autoimmune diseases. I have no idea about the validity of this theory but it is certainly very interesting to consider.

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      Several different dietary and nutritional therapies.

      I'm not sure about the mercury fillings issue. I have these fillings, and I've read a lot. I thought I might do more damage having them removed.

      There is a woman now touting a book about her dietary treatment too.

      I don't reside in a particular "camp" - other than the medical establishment is overlooking a lot of evidence and that different treatments can help.

      Just need to avoid quackery and those who peddle false hope...or try to sell others on something from which they profit...

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