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View Diary: State religion? North Carolina GOP is there (141 comments)

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  •  the pain threshold (3+ / 0-)
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    Perhaps we are doing this the wrong way.

    Rather than stand in the way of these somewhat isolated initiatives (isolated to NC for now?), maybe we just need to let them do as they please - at least for a while.  Let the pain settle in and see how their citizens react.  Then be ready to pick up the pieces when their little playpen flies apart.

    Sadly, it is going to take some pain to a pretty large portion of the citizenry for this nonsense to subside.  Like children hell bent on touching the stove, sometimes you have to be willing to allow minor damage to get the lesson across.  Tough call, to be sure, yet this mindset would seem to be a stubborn knot in human nature.

    Just spit-balling here.

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