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  •  do not agree that media fractured -it works for 1% (2+ / 0-)
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    goodpractice, CitizenOfEarth

    and thus it has a ready made frame

    since the Fairness Doctrine when news became part of entertainment rather than a separate domain entrusted with education of the citizens as a cost of using public bandwidth, news has been about entertainment, revenue, and selling the message of the corporation

    so, rather than "fractured" I would say they are corrupt

    the behavior that looks fractured is part of the smokescreen

    Excellent book by the dean of political philosophers "Democracy Inc., Managed Democracy and the Specter of Inverted Totalitarianism" by Sheldon Wolin.

    in a classic totalitarian state the media is owned and operated by the state and delivers the required message. The power is in the state and they exercise control.

    as a result people know not to trust the lies from the media

    in our "managed democracy" the press knows what role to play and does it wonderfully.

    the press serves to preserve the legitimacy of the state

    this treatise came out in 2008 and defines the characteristics of a new form or government, inverted totalitarianism where the state uses the old terms of a republic but actually violates them

    example is the corporate media

    in summary, the corporate media is a major player in our inverted totalitarianism

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