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  •  Too big to jail is not a new concept. It has been (0+ / 0-)

    applied to the medical profession since the days of witch doctors. And in their case the crime is murder not just robbery.

    If we are going to go after the Banksters, and we definitely should, lets go after the medical murderers too.

    We currently hold a 16 year old child with very little training and virtually no experience to a higher criminal standard in the operation of a motor vehicle than we do to a college trained physician with years of real life ( and death ) experience in the conduct of his very well paid chosen profession.

    Anybody who thinks that America is a "Nation of Laws" hass not paying much attention to the real world.

    Incidently, Judges, DA's and even lowly Police Officers aren't held to a very high standard either.

    Lets definitely go after the Banksters but we may as well go after all the privileged  law breakers at the same time.

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