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    Hope last summer that once the LIBOR matter hit the courts, then we would see how it was possible to take these Financial Institutions into court and see that they saw real penalties.

    But as much as we hoped for this to be the case, the CORRUPTION is so prevalent that we are now seeing that NOTHING matters in terms of legality or illegality as long as the illegality is performed by those at the very top, who collude with one another continually to bring success to the Biggest Criminals on the Planet, while punishing the littlest people out there over nothing.

    When I heard about the LIBOR participants getting off mostly scot free, I immediately thought of this one poor fellow in the East Bay hills of the San Francsico Bay area. He is now languishing in prison. His crime? He had agreed to help a fellow co-worker get home, by offering the man a ride home in his car. When his passenger suggested they stop at a fast food place on the way home, this man agreed. He had no idea the reason for the stop at McDonald's was so that a drug deal could be concluded. But he was sentenced to more than fifteen years in jail, for being a drug courier, with the sentencing judge near tears but saying there was nothing he could do -- it was a mandated situation!

    Meanwhile our Biggest financial firms have merrily laundered Billions of Dollars of drug cartel monies, with little in the way of fines. How is life in this unspeakably intolerant oiligarchy to be explained to my grand kids when they become of an age to understand the world around them?

    How can anyone accept life in this country? It is now life isnuide a LOONIE-CROCKCRACY.

    For instance, sixty seven counties here in Calif. now have MRAP's. These vehicles cost over a million dollars a piece, and they were developed for use in IRAQ to help our troops survive IED attacks. One  MRAP went to Marin County, one of the most affluent places one earth. While we watch our schools lay off teachers, while we watch our fire departments shut down, while so many people are now on Food Stamps, we also watch as most of the money goes to the Homeland Security and the military and the Big Banks. Meanwhile we are told that us Social Security-dependent people should take more CUTS!

    Since right now, 49 cents out of every dollar of profit generated in the USA goes right into the coffers of the Too Big To Fail Crowd, and this means they now have even more money to buy more legislators, I am at a loss for where we can go from here.

    This is no democracy - it is an oiligarchy, pure and simple. It is sad for us older people as we can remember a time when Bankers only got 8 cents out of every dollar of profit generated in the USA. And that seemed like a lot for one special crowd of people, but believe me I would give my right arm if it meant we could go back to that style of life.

    I don't know what to do. I do know one  of my  favorite pieces of film footage right now is that segment of "Mars Attacks" when the Martians attack and take out most of the people on The Hill. Sometimes that seems to be our only solution - if only mass alien abductions of 95% of the people on The Hill could occur, then perhaps the rest of us might  have a shot at re-establishing the Eisenhower, JFK, Lyndon Johnson America of yesterday, when tax money did more than put a noose around the average  American's neck.

    I have no respect for the voting process - as the candidates that are chosen for us are chosen by the INNER CROWD. I know for certain that the entire method of choosing Democratic Candidates here  in California is a broken system. Anyone here who wants to run for any office has to be in the good graces of one Di Feinstein, war monger, war profiteer and totally corrupt individual.

    Feinstein's  big contribution to the Senate was to re-write the Senate Ethics Code such that "Conflict of interest" became an obsolete and invalid term! That way she didn't have to recuse herself with regard to the Iraq War Resolution, knowing as she voted "Yea" on that measure, her husband would be generating contracts on that war that amounted to 27 millions of dollars of profit!

    If you think about it, another way to get JUSTICE for everyone would be to impeach Tim Geithner. He lied to Congress - and for that he should have been impeached. He said ON MORE THAN ONE OCCASION that there was only one way to get the nation back on its feet. And that was doing the pervasive, no restrictions and all the money a bank could dream of without any regulations BAILOUT. When actually what should have happened was to utilize the same banking laws developed during the S & L crisis, which created state chartered regional banks, to receive the Bailout monies, with plenty of restrictions that t hose monies be loaned out to the folks on Main Street. Besides all that, Geithner also should have been tried for RICO convictions for all of the many re-arrangements he made with  his buddies on Wall Street, Autumn, 2008 while he headed the Federal reserve of New York.

    Offer your heart some Joy every day of your life, and spread it along to others.

    by Truedelphi on Wed Apr 03, 2013 at 01:57:59 PM PDT

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