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  •  Oh, and the best part? (5+ / 0-)

    Now, in the case of future claims, if this isn't prosecuted, they've got at least a loose estoppel claim.  

    (Estoppel is a legal argument wherein you basically say: "Yes, I broke the law as written, but I was following advice from above (from an entity which is entitled to issue such advice, and the US AG certainly is one of those)/from a court that stated that I would not be prosecuted if I did so.")

    Combine that with the (hack, spit) 'fiduciary duty' to their shareholders to maximize profit, and you've told the banks: "Go forth, lie, cheat, steal, launder money, it's OK.  In fact, you've got a 'moral' duty to do so so long as it raises profits for your shareholders after you finish paying off the settlements."

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