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View Diary: The GOP's not-really-a-replacement Obamacare 'replacement' plan (31 comments)

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  •  Tax deductions for employer provided insurance (4+ / 0-)
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    I think we should get away from employer provided insurance.

    A lot of companies will not be able to provide it.

    The new rules on larger companies are going to require adding more HR staff because of the complicated regulations. Insurance companies are going to add more people working on just compliance. Bureaucracy as its worst.

    Self-employed individuals are looking at a possible 30% increase in premium ... (someone has to pitch in more to help pay for more people to untangle the regulations).

    I'm an insurance agent in CA and I handle only individuals and small businesses. I've heard some workshops on the new ACA rules coming down the pike for large business and my head spins.

    I am glad ACA is the law of the land, but it really needs to be refined. If the GOP would go for #1 in the above list, why not do it?  

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