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View Diary: Hanford's Radwaste Tanks Leaking & Explosive, Waste Treament Plant Unsafe: Whistleblowers Vindicated (159 comments)

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  •  Re burning, please do not forget the usual path (0+ / 0-)

    of the Jet Stream, the high wind river which runs across the US, usuall southeast from somewhere near Washington state, across the central rockies and into the lower midwest,  or northeast until it turns and then turns south and becomes the Arctic Express in the midwest. The location of this mess is such that if it ever blows, the US heartland gets it in the chops, all the stuff that the areas near Fukushima are getting now, PLUS the destruction of water supplies and the entire ocean off the mouth of the Columbia river.  Little Seattle is separated by a number of mountain ranges from this but Portland is not, and eastern and southern WA are not. and . . . . .  

    If you start burning stuff, you either have to massively filter out the smoke and then figure out what to do with the waste from that or watch that waste drift to places even Republicans don't want it. And recall as well that the area including Hanford is in Doc Hastings' district and I do not see him wailing about getting the cleanup done in his lifetime either.

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