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View Diary: For many Republicans, every day is Confederate Heritage Month (72 comments)

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  •  I often think that, but then... (1+ / 0-)
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    I think of other situations, like India and Pakistan. I don't think the CSA would have been quiet, good neighbors. I think they'd have stirred up a lot of trouble and we would have had several wars with them.

    And consider what it would be like to have a Christian theocratic government on our border.

    I'd be happier if we broke up into about 5 countries. Just 2 might be trouble.

    and like you, just kidding...sort of.

    •  Almost certainly they would have (2+ / 0-)
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      bartcopfan, Ahianne

      been a constant danger during WWII, with the CSA providing aid and support for Nazi Germany and presenting a constant threat of becoming the fourth axis power. The allies might very well have lost WWII if the CSA existed.

      At the very least, there would have been a constant threat of war against the north following secession, and the push west would have been a never-ending battleground as the CSA and the USA fought for land and resources west of the mississippi.

      There would be a constant threat for non-whites of being kidnapped and sold into slavery in the south regardless of US and international law. The CSA would be an outlaw state, similar to North Korea. There would likely be a replay of the war of 1812 as the European powers attempt to prevent CSA forces from kidnapping African citizens and transporting them to the CSA as slaves. This would be a larger issue than the current drug trade.

      Probably either Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and all or part of California would still be part of Mexico, or Mexico would be part of the CSA by now.

      There's a good chance that Russia would control what is now Washington state and Oregon, if not more.

      "America" would not exist as a world power. The constant tension and aggression with the CSA would have sapped industry and progress from the nation. We might still be living in a pre-information-age culture and technology.

      The Russian revolution might have been more successful. Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union might be the world's only nuclear powers thanks to the CSA.

      It's easy to play "what if." But there is little likelihood that an active CSA would have meant anything good for the world or the US. Those who worship and honor the CSA are traitors to the United States and the world.

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