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  •  Yeah, quite a bit . . . (1+ / 0-)
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    Based on the predicted combustion of 2516 million tons of coal in the United States and 12,580 million tons worldwide during the year 2040, cumulative releases for the 100 years of coal combustion following 1937 are predicted to be:

    U.S. release (from combustion of 111,716 million tons):
    Uranium: 145,230 tons (containing 1031 tons of uranium-235)

    Thorium: 357,491 tons

    Worldwide release (from combustion of 637,409 million tons):

    Uranium: 828,632 tons (containing 5883 tons of uranium-235)

    Thorium: 2,039,709 tons

    •  Coal releases Radio-isotopes (0+ / 0-)

      one coal plant releases abotu 20 curies of radiation per year.

      When Fukushima blew it released some 60 million curies of radiation.

      The other thing is different types of radiation have different impacts.  Uranium is mostly a Gamma-emitter, hard to shield but, lower interaction potential.  Things like Cesium are Alpha emitters, easy to shield but if you inhale them they really mess you up.

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