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View Diary: Here's why it's a bad idea to say support for stricter gun control has collapsed (203 comments)

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    You may call them trolls they may be looking out for the good of the party as much as you are. When America became apalled by gang violence and school shootings in the 80s and 90s the democrats went all-in on gun control, thinking they could ride a Brady Bill wave of public support. That never happened and we got hammered by the GOP cycle after cycle. It was great public policy but lousy political policy, and lets face it, there's a reason why the party has been so silent on the issue for the last 15 years. Has the climate changed that much on the basis of Sandy Hook and other high profile shootings? Perhaps, and perhaps not. I think its reasonable that polls have fallen off by 10% now that we are months removed from Sandy Hook. Polls always spike for reform after a disaster, and naturally wane in the months afterward. Its rare that it happens otherwise. Perhaps it would be foolish for democrats to back away from gun reform, but to assume victory in this debate is to do so at the party's potential peril. If we were clearly winning this debate I think the President would be getting a lot more vocal support from democrats in congress. Maybe it's typical democratic wimpishness, or maybe they just don't see it as a winning issue for 2014. And probably the only thing preserving current levels of support for gun reform at this point is the GOP's complete lunacy on the issue. But based on past results, if I were a sane republican congressman I think I'd be praying for my opponent to come out strong in favor of gun reform.

    Bottom line,  those  being branded as trolls are probably in favor of reform but would rather not risk wholesale public policy losses like we suffered in the 80s and 90s. If someone could convince me that democrats are now more adept at representing this issue than they were before I might be inclined to change my opinion.

    There are two types of republicans, the rich and the stupid. The rich ones strive to keep the stupid ones stupid and the stupid ones strive to keep the rich ones rich.

    by frankzappatista on Wed Apr 03, 2013 at 03:43:03 PM PDT

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