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View Diary: North Korean military claims it's been authorized to make a nuclear attack. (73 comments)

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    mookins, Shockwave

    The US has killed many all over the world, but during the Korean war the US bombed North Korea mercilessly and the result was that 20% of the population was killed.  There was only one 2 story building standing in Pyongyang.  I think North Korea is acting logically in response to US murderous policy.

    I would say many on this site are not aware that the Japanese occupied North Korea for years and after WW II the Koreans wanted to kick the Japanese out of Korea, but the US wanted the Japanese to remain in power and run the country for the US.  

    I don't know why the US can not leave N. Korea alone.
    1871    Korea    Forces landed.
    1894-1896    Korea    Marines land and remain in Seoul.
    1904-1905    Korea    Marines land and stay in Seoul.
    1950-1953    Korea    Major forces engaged in war in Korean peninsula.

    When Donald Gregg was ambassador to N. Korea he cancelled the military exercises and the N.  Koreans cut the bellicosity.

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