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View Diary: Chained CPI: The wrong solution to a problem that doesn't exist (91 comments)

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  •  The crisis is the Government has been taking (5+ / 0-)

    Social Security revenues for years (decades?) now to cover the general fund. If they hadn't of done that, the deficits we see now would be much greater.

    But, now the Boomers are coming, and the money is due. So the political/deceiver class, both Parties, who have been together in this looting all along, are seeing the chickens about to come home to roost. So the destruction of Social Security, either by degrees (well, gosh it's not really working so let's go to Private Wall Street Insurace) or in one fell swoop has become the priority for all of them.

    The Rich go to jail for stealing from each other, like Madoff, so who's left to steal from but the rabble?

    If Republicans said every 3rd person named "Smith" should hang, we'd bargain them to every 7th. Then we'll see apologia written praising this most pragmatic compromise. There's our losing formula.

    by Jim P on Wed Apr 03, 2013 at 08:45:21 PM PDT

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