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View Diary: GA-Sen: Could Michelle Nunn (D) Be Our Alternative To John Barrow (D)? (40 comments)

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    I have never been aware of any change on the part of Sam Nunn regarding DADT.  If there was, I would love to know more about that.  But he also wasn't the architect of DADT.  He was the REASON for it being proposed by the Clinton Administration to prevent his proposal to codify a total ban on gays and lesbians in the military.  And that total ban proposal was made by Sen. Sam Nunn in a fit of pique at the Clinton Administration because President Clinton did not give Nunn the Secretary of State position in the new incoming Clinton Administration.  Pissed off, he looked at the Clinton's platform and took aim at Clinton's promise to issue an Executive Order on day one of the new administration that would lift the military's ban on LGBT persons in the armed forces.  

    Clinton was faced with a strong socially conservative movement initially led by Nunn in the Congress to codify the military's unjust discrimination into law. Up to that point, it was only a part of the Uniform Code of Military Justice and subject to Executive Branch oversight which is why a Clinton Executive Order could have removed this bigotry from the military books at the beginning of 1993.  While Clinton's intention was to prevent a codification of a total ban and provide a compromise till the nation, Congress, and the military moved to a more progressive mindset, the reality of DADT was that it provided cover for an INCREASED targeting and discharging of gays and lesbians instead of forcing military personnel to take action only against "out" individuals.

    Sen. Sam Nunn's personal pique because he didn't get  appointed as Secretary of State unnecesarily ruined the lives of a lot of gay, lesbian, and bisexual military personnel.  I'll grant that Michelle Nunn is not her father Sam Nunn, but I can't help needing to know from Ms Nunn right off the bat what her position was over the years regarding DADT and the military ban on lesbian, gay, and bisexual personnel and how she felt about what her father's proposal to codify into U.S. law the military ban.

    Sometimes family members are able to stake out different positions from previous or current political dynasty members and even be deft about doing it.  But sometimes they feel it is a badge of honor to carry on crazy positions and ideology.  I want to know which of those descriptions applies to Michelle Nunn.

    •  Sen. Nunn reversed his position (0+ / 0-)

      on DADT several years ago.  

      In an interview this week [12/09/10], Nunn told the Associated Press that the law known as "don't ask, don't tell" should be overturned ....

      "Society has changed, and the military has changed," the former senator from Georgia said.

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