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View Diary: Maryland House Passes Assault Weapons Ban and Fingerprinting Requirement for Gun Licenses (36 comments)

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  •  Outright bans will not pass Constitutional (1+ / 0-)
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    muster. SCOTUS was clear on this.

    Reasonable restrictions.... extensive background checks, fingerprints required for license (MA has had this for DECADES, where have the rest of you been?), etc, etc.

    But banning without confiscation of the already owned will never fly. If it is too dangerous to buy, it is too dangerous to own, so how do you continue to allow 30 MILLION assault weapons to be owned... and owned by people who did NOT submit to and pass extensive background checks.

    Lawmakers suck so bad at the one thing they are supposed to be doing.... making LAWS. Every time we turn around there is another unconstitutional law being passed, on any subject your care to name, by people who are supposed to know what they are doing, and do it competently.

    Among the biggest fuckups... Bill Clinton and DOMA, and utterly illegal law, blatantly violating the equal protection clause, and yet Mr Rhodes Scholar lawyer man goes ahead and proudly signs it.... what the fuck.

    The problem with ZEALOTS anti-whatever, is that they will pursue laws against the thing they want to end, regardless of common sense or constitutionality, so long as they get to outlaw the thing they want to outlaw. And to hell with the consequences.

    The right has abortion and the left has guns, both have utterly irrational positions and suffer from a complete lack of any commonsense on the matter.

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