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    I've been interested in the DPRK for years and have read a fair amount in my spare time. A kossack here turned me on to a great site that has a lot of informed opinion by various Pyongyang watchers, with an emphasis on Sino-DPRK relations: Sino-NK Always a worthwhile read.

    I agree with the school of thought that this represents Kim's continuing effort to sustain his legitimacy- but even this leaves many questions unanswered. Is he the real power or just a figurehead, with the military holding real control? What are the factions within this bloc?

    The FP analysis broadly hints (in my reading) that this is an unstable --and very likely untenable, over the long term-- nation-state. I'm not as worried as the diarist, but this is a new day for the DPRK, post Kim Jong-Il.

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