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  •  Wrong market model (3+ / 0-)
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    teacherken, BlueEyed In NC, basquebob

    Much is made of markets modeled after what we think is the "state of nature", red in tooth and claw.  Hobbes described this early on, but his ideas can certainly be found mirrored in neo-liberal ideology as currently expressed by corporate school reformers.  In fact, it turns out, Hobbes is at least partially wrong.  Some aspects of nature are far closer to a nurturing community.  

    One particularly interesting example was presented on Nature (PBS) last night, showing sibling plants adjusting root growth so as not to compete, and a mature douglas fir sharing carbon based nutrients with commensal fungi communities and through them, with its seedlings on the forest floor.  The interviewees demonstrated that the plant communities they were studying, which we see as a collection of competing individuals, are actually a balanced cooperative unit sharing space and nutrients to raise successors and assure the success of its genetics through investment in the next generation.  

    That same cooperation is found in successful communities of mice, monkeys, and men.  There is a lesson in that, if we will fit our ideas to the data, not the other way around.  

    •  interesting perspective (2+ / 0-)
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      salmo, basquebob

      thanks for sharing

      "We didn't set out to save the world; we set out to wonder how other people are doing and to reflect on how our actions affect other people's hearts." - Pema Chodron

      by teacherken on Thu Apr 04, 2013 at 05:40:36 AM PDT

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