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  •  Another scenario. (12+ / 0-)

    My daughter turns 16.  I have invited her friends and 10 women of various ages over for a celebration.  We serve eggs and the house is decorated in green, for life and red, for blood.  Special gifts related to reproductive health and control are given to my daughter.
    The ceremony begins with the young virgins gathered to listen to the unique reproductive histories of each of the older women...
    Sarah, now 54,  lost her virginity at age 12 to rape.  She waited until she was 18 to have her "first" lover and after a year got pregnant. She aborted it.  Then, she began college and got pregnant again in her junior year and aborted another child.  She married the father of that conception and had two children with him when she was 27 and 29 years old.  She is in menopause.
    The stories go on perhaps following a lovely ceremonial protocol.
    Then, each virgin will ceremoniously relate her reproductive plan and her hopes and rational behind it.
    Then, my daughter is ceremonially started on her first course of reproductive control according to her choice and previous consultation with her advocate and her doctor.
    The ceremony concludes with a mediation on the men in their lives and the men that will be in their lives.  There is an invocation for safety for all their lives.

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