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  •  Get me rewrite! (0+ / 0-)
    "…legally organized corporations are criminal organizations…Corporations are organized to deprive -- i.e. to perpetrate crime under cover of law."
    The only way this odd collection of unsupported assertions could make any sense would first have to be on the (undemonstrated, invisible) assumption that there is some transpolitical principle of legality that is contravened by the very existence of a corporation. I'm doubtful, but perhaps the author could let us know what this would be. I'd then be interested to know if all corporations are criminal, both IBM and the TVA, e.g.? PBS? Fannie Mae? The Federal Reserve banks? DKOS?
    "Corporations are organized to exploit resources. They are the vehicles by which the ex-men take from Mother Nature and from their fellow men by legislating their deprivation…The corporate agenda is to destroy. That is, artificial bodies are created to destroy natural systems."
    Is exploiting resources always a bad idea? Should we not grow food or put honey on our cereal? Should nothing be mined? Not sure what ex-men are (former men?), but I'm now trying to figure what Mark Zuckerberg or Markos Moulitsas exploited, what they took from Mother Nature and what they have deprived their fellow men of. I would have said that these guys created stuff that benefited mutually the inventor and the users of the invention, as did the fellows who invented the Frisbee, White-out, and the catalytic converter.
    " ..the nation state, as organized under the U.S. Constitution, is first and foremost a corporation, whose limitations are sought to be evaded by the invention of the private corporation, an improvement -- just as long lasting, but more potent."
    I thought I had something to say about this, but repeated rereadings don't yield anything that makes sense. The U.S. is a corporation (that's bad?) that tries to limit other corporations (that's good?). Huh?
    •  Yes, exploitation is bad. It is to take without (0+ / 0-)

      giving anything back. It is to destroy without creating anything in its place.
      Crative destruction does occur, but it is an error to think that one entity can wantonly destroy in anticipation that another will automatically recreate what is gone. Mother Nature cannot repair in a human life time what man-made forces can destroy.
      The ex-men are those who:


      The U.S. is a limited corporation whose subsidiaries have not been similarly restrained because the public office holders, who chafe under the limitations of the Constitution, prefer having private corps doing their dirty work. I'd compare it to someone keeping attack dogs to loose on their neighbors from time to time.

      We organize governments to deliver services and prevent abuse.

      by hannah on Sat Apr 06, 2013 at 01:45:04 AM PDT

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