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    Many of the national environmental groups, like Sierra Club and Food and Water Watch, are saying that the Clean Air Act does not regulate the oil and gas industry and that most emissions from the natural gas exploration, production and transmission facilities are uncontrolled -- Josh Fox/Gasland drek.

    After adopting these erroneous claims, the proposal is that the BREATHE Act should be adopted.   However, because of several existing provisions of the Clean Air Act, the effect of adopting the BREATHE Act's designation of hydrogen sulfide as a hazardous air pollutant will cause many of the H2S emission limitations in new source review and Title V permits to become federally unenforceable.   The BREATHE Act would thus lead to a massive deregulation of existing H2S control requirements in all H2S-emitting industry categories.

    Not only does the BREATHE Act lead to deregulation of hydrogen sulfide emission requirements, it also fails to address the principle existing threat to Clean Air Act regulation of the oil and gas industry --- the August, 2012 Sixth Circuit Summit Petroleum v EPA decision which has the effect of allowing oil and gas facilities to escape Clean Air Act Title V operating permits.

    In my 37 years of stewardship of the Federal Clean Air Act I have never before seen such an awful proposal from the national environmental groups to amend the Clean Air Act and such a feckless approach to addressing air pollution from oil and gas facilities.

    Sierra Club has less than full candor with the public and its members and inconsistent energy policy positions in a manner reflecting anti-stewardship conduct when SC simultaneously says that natural gas exploration is too dangerous and polluting to conduct with statements that are not valid declarations of geological engineering, geology, hydrology, toxicology and risk assessment and, simultaneously, calling for re-powering coal-fired power plants with natural gas.

    When Sierra Club recently applauded  the decision of Los Angeles Water and Power to end coal use, the Sierra Club refused to acknowledge that Los Angeles would make its coal reduction move mostly by conversion to natural gas....failing to acknowledge or explain that isn't candor with the public.

    Also, FYI.....I am a 24 year member of the Sierra Club, a past Michigan chapter officer and I've been a regular and consistent volunteer for SC to the present, working on everything from SC IT, SC fundraising and SC issue work.

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