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View Diary: Cancer Clinics Stop Treating Cancer. Sequester Brings New Meaning to 'Die Quickly!' (40 comments)

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  •  That does not sound right. Are you sure they are (3+ / 0-)
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    Telling the truth about that? Are these for profit clinics?

    •  Whether they are for profit or not (13+ / 0-)

      the math is still the same.  If the drug companies aren't absorbing any of the cuts and the clinics get their money as a percentage of the cost of the drugs then the clinics are taking it on the chin (as I illustrated both in the diary and in a comment above) and the drug  companies are still getting every last dime of their profit.

    •  It's been a long time... (0+ / 0-)

      ...comin', and an even longer time being planned.  I've been cut  back by 2 of my physicians, pulmonolgist for my COPD- emphysema, and my dermatologist.

      My primary physician sold her practice a few years back and went in under a physicians cooperative business group.   She told me that some of my treatments she never even turned in for payment  because the government payments were so small, when she had her own practice, that it wasn't worth the paper to turn them in.

      She was treating me for free.  She joined the collective in order to be salaried.  

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