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View Diary: Hannity, Malkin, defend ex-Rutgers coach's abuse (172 comments)

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    HANNITY: My father hit me with a belt

    MALKIN: Same here! .. And with more than a belt.

    I'm not a psychologist or psychiatrist; my understanding of how ego is formed and how it develops is largely shaped by my understanding of dharma, and by my observations of my own life and my experiences of uncovering and opening my heart.

    In my view, childhood traumas tend to stay with us into and through our adult lives.  They very much effect who we are as adults.  They often get buried early on as ego develops survival strategies for us as children to survive the oftentimes incomprehensible actions of the adults around us.  This is often manifested later in life as a closed heart; ego closeing over the heart in an effort to avoid getting hurt even further.  Thus those who suffer abuse as a child often find it difficult to open themselves to others as adults.  And the traumas remain buried within us only to surface later on causing much hurt.

    I don't know Hannity and Malkin personally; I don't know what they are like off camera.  But I've seen plenty of video, and it certainly appears to me that they both have a lot of anger, and that they both show little compassion and empathy for others.

    That they now admit to being beaten as children is not surprising.

    But this ...

    MALKIN: I have to tell you, I'm much better at administering spankings now than receiving them
    ... is disturbing.

    As a human being, I have compassion for all of my fellow sisters and brothers on this planet; and I especially have compassion for those who suffer abuse at the hands of others, especially children who suffer abuse at the hands of adults.

    Dharma (and I use this word very broadly encompassing non sectarian approaches to understanding who we are as human beings) teaches that we can have compassion for others because we know that they, as we, have suffered to some degree during their lives.  And again I don't know them personally, and I'm only conjecturing, but I'm guessing it wasn't pleasant being Hannity or Malkin as children, not if they were suffering physical abuse, and probably the mental abuse that went along with it.  That (as it appears may be the case) their hearts remain closed, they they continue to bury that hurt within them, that they denigrate others as a matter of course so that they don't have to face their own inner demons, is sad.

    Again this is just my view given my own understanding of these issues.  Others will have understandable and reasoned perspectives that will differ significantly.

    But from my perspective, given what I've seen of these two people in the many videos of them as adults, it is not surprising to learn that they suffered physical abuse as children.

    May all beings be free from suffering, may all beings be at peace.

    Love one another

    by davehouck on Thu Apr 04, 2013 at 10:28:54 AM PDT

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