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      For the umpteenth time:  facts we can use:



        While I understand that Senator's (at least mine in TX) avoid FACTS at every given opportunity - this information should be used for Gun Background Checks and Immigration Reform (aka Border Security, bs).   Take away the 'free pass and reason to gun-running", period

    •  Good links, thanks! Hadn't seen these. (5+ / 0-)

      It's interesting to consider how the NRA and Republicans in Congress are facilitating gun-running to Mexico...saw this in your Texas Tribune link, for example. I suppose they don't look askance at profit, even this sort.

      The Trans-Border Institute researchers also estimate that about 2.2 percent of weapons purchased in the U.S. are bound for Mexico.

      “These findings suggest that the United States is a significant, albeit unintentional, contributor to the global black market in arms and ammunition,” writes report co-author Topher McDougal. “It underlines the point that with domestic gun rights come responsibilities. The analysis also suggests that the United States has been negligent in preventing illegal firearms trafficking.”

      We demanded a plan to reduce gun violence. Now it's time to demand a vote.

      by tytalus on Thu Apr 04, 2013 at 02:49:53 PM PDT

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