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  •  The problem is capitalism itself. (1+ / 0-)
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    Its very structure creates economic apartheid, unless seriously checked by democracy.

    Which means it's a stupid and irrational vehicle to have in place. It requires endless checks. Smarter to find a vehicle that doesn't need those checks in the first place, one with social justice baked into the pie.

    Also, because of its structure, it redistributes power and wealth to the top of the pyramid. And who controls governments? Those at the top of those pyramids. So, in theory, one could at least make a weak case for having a regulated capitalist system, but in practice, this is impossible. Because the people who own government are capitalists and their interests are to keep those democratic checks at a minimum -- if they allow them at all.

    We had one very brief time when we got some of those checks, and it happened after a major disaster (the Great Depression) and because of that disaster. The further we got away from it, the more traction capitalists got for undoing those checks. In short, we don't get to keep those checks for long, and we only get them after a massive disruption.

    Rinse and repeat.

    We can do better. It's the wrong system from the getgo.

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