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View Diary: My tree is dying and I am crying (44 comments)

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  •  My house was built in 1930, and the elder tree (1+ / 0-)
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    in front was planted the same year, traveling up the hill on the homeowner's shoulder. The elder grew huge and magnificent and shaded the house and front yard for 80 years, until it began to lose branches at a frightening rate and had to be cut down a couple of years ago.  

    The tree company didn’t have a long enough chain to cut the stump off really short, so it ended like those stumps on a recent “Daily Bucket” diary, with new branches growing out of it. Some branches are blooming this year. I can’t pretend  this is going to make a suitable front yard tree, but it’s amazing just to see the persistence of this old survivor as it keeps right on growing, replacing what was lost, blooming and leafing without any complaint whatsoever. For one more year at least, its massive stump and wild new crown will provide shade for the garden swing….

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