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View Diary: Top administration officials join Obama in show of support for furloughed federal workers (60 comments)

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  •  I too took a salary cut (0+ / 0-)

    I resigned my job to care for my child, so I gave up $37,000 per year, just over. Year ago, now with my MBA, I am stuck unemployed, with no chance to collect UI as I resigned, so now I am living on my life savings.  
    Which have almost run dry.

    I think it is brave of president Obama and Sen . Kerry to forfeit part of their earnings, taking a 20% cut is big bucks for these men.  GOD bless them for this action.

    I was not aware that their is only a single job for every 3.3 seeking work, this does not bode well for skilled workers, I fear I might end up flipping burgers.  If not I will work towards a PhD and hope the market improves in a few years.

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