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View Diary: Dear Christians who oppose “gay marriage” because it isn't "Biblical marriage"... (118 comments)

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  •  The Talibangical divorce rate (2+ / 0-)
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    is essentially the same as that of the non-Talibangical population of the nation. So, even with all their "Biblical marriage" howling, they're just as hypocritical on this as their unspoken stance on abortion -- no abortions for those tramps and harlots out there, but abortion on demand when I or my wife/daughter/granddaughter need or needs one.

    What gets lost when Jesus' statements are thrown around are two things. First, under Jewish law of the time, only the husband could initiate a divorce (the "I divorce thee" three times pronouncement), and for any reason, while the wife was stuck, no matter how badly they got along. She could go to the local synagogue and beg the rabbis to talk her husband into divorcing her, but, she could do nothing. It even went so far as women, if their husbands died in battle and the bodies never recovered, were still considered married. So, when Jesus says "no divorce for anyone except in cases of adultery," he's making men and women equal, albeit by men giving up a privilege they've always had. Second, we know how the disciples felt about this, because their response to Jesus's statements was that in that case, it was better to never get married, if they couldn't divorce when they felt like it. He gave them a sense of what it was like to be a woman in the traditional culture of the time, and they ran screaming away from the horror as fast as they could.

    But, as I said at the outset, the Talibangicals have no compunction about divorce when it suits their purposes, so all this talk about "Biblical marriage" boils down to wishful thinking. They should say what they really mean they want and be done with it: the man as the authoritarian head of the house, with his wife and children cowering at his feet, fearful of his divine wrath should they displease him in the least particular. But, to have that requires a man and a woman. Gay men and lesbians work out much more equitable arrangements between themselves, because they're not laden down with all this baggage.


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