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  •  Why principals were all former gym teachers (4+ / 0-)

    When I was in high school, many years ago, the path to vice principal and principal jobs was being a dean (usually dean of boys, since in those days administrators were virtually all males.) And deans were chosen from the ranks of gym teachers, because it was thought (by the former gym teachers who ran the place) that they were the only ones who could deal with problem kids. Self-perpetuating system, privileging a conformist, macho and aggressive approach to discipline and then privileging discipline as the highest role of administration.

    Among my many trips to the vice principal's office for disciplinary purposes (I was viewed as too problematic for the deans to deal with), one of my faves led to this exchange:
    VP: "Your whole problem is that you just haven't learned to conform in your thinking!" [yes, he was serious.]
    Me: "That's great! Will you put that in my college recommendations?"

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