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View Diary: THREE times as many Science degrees as there are Science jobs! (298 comments)

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    i dont get it

    Many immigrants first arrived on student/work visas. This is especially true of the science/engineering/IT professions.

    The problem with many of your diaries is that you paint with too broad a brush. Certainly the various "H" and "L" visa categories have problems, and should be addressed. For instance, making the H1B visa employer-independent would go a long way in fixing these issues. The so-called body-shopping employers would hate that, but it would definitely eliminate the wage-differentials they arbitrage for profit. You could even impose a back-wages-plus-fines regime to compensate for the fact that folks on work visas are generally reluctant to antagonize their employers.

    When you rail against immigrants taking away fair opportunities from US workers; when you talk about indentured servants; when you mention slave labor; that's where you start losing me. This is the rhetoric of right-wing xenophobes who are smart enough not to be open racists.

    Note my phrasing here: I'm NOT saying you are xenophobic or racist. I'm saying your rhetoric reminds me very strongly of people who are. If, in fact, you do NOT belong with such morons, you might want to consider more careful phrasing, both in your diaries and in your responses to comments.

    •  I will follow this advice but I (0+ / 0-)

      will never believe that employers should have any part in the immigration process.

      The last time we left immigration up to the employers, we had 200 years of slavery.

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