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View Diary: Have the Oligarchs Won? (31 comments)

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  •  The status quo is now extreme left (8+ / 0-)

    Yes, that's right.  If you are merely asking for the current Social Security and Medicare programs to remain the same, you are EXTREME, FAR, LEFT, totally UNREASONABLE.   I heard it on MSNBC.  Must be true.  

    I mean Chris Matthews told me.  How can any REASONABLE person oppose cutting $650 a year from Social Security benefits?  I mean GIVE UP CHRISTMAS will you old lady.  STOP buying underwear.  Why do you need clothing you old fool.  You fill up the gas tank once a month.  STOP DRIVING.  You have a cell phone? You are too old to text cut it out!  Take your cat to the shelter.  Turn of the air conditioning and turn down the heat.

    When the status quo is extreme far left one can only imagine how moderate or conservative might be defined.  

    Oh, yea, the oligarchs have won.

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