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    Let's do a bit of connecting the dots.
    We are dealing with Neo-liberal philosophy of economics and governance.
    Look to where Neo-liberalism has already ravaged such countries as Guatemala and Honduras and Columbia, Middle Eastern countries, Indochina, African countries, Haiti, etc.
    The long end run is to reduce our nation to third world status for it's populace while maintaining military world dominance at the same time.
    Wages are depressed to subsistence levels.  Since SS is cut out of paychecks as a percentage of income earned, not much will be paid in as a result of extremely depressed wages.  That is why SS will come to a crisis.  Nobody is getting paid because all the wealth has been siphoned to the top.  This is a Neo-liberal ideal.  The middle class will be very restricted to those smart and young who can do the few jobs available by virtue of who they know.  This system is Neo-liberal creating a privileged class such as seen in the Middle East and such that inspired the Arab Spring.  I am not talking about the 1% rather, the relatives and friends of the 1%.
    Draconian austerity will create a desperate people who will accept all sorts of prostitution of themselves especially regarding regulations, labor rights and environmental standards.  Neo-liberal heaven coupled with sophisticated Orwellian style manipulation.  A dumbing down of most of the populous makes them easier to control as they point fingers at each other.
    When the populous inevitably rebels, then the Neo-liberal policies of terror will begin.  The infrastructure for that crack down it being put in place with the patriot act, NDAA, drones, prison infrastructure and Homeland security.  
    We have financed this paradigm in many other countries that we have ravaged and exploited.  It will be our turn in the barrel next.  We will reap what we have sown.
    In the mean time, as Neo-liberalism is ravaging our nation as it has so many others, the planet will be in spasm of Climate Change and Global Warming.  Hence, recovery from a Neo-liberal rampage through our society may not occur as it has in other nations such as Argentina and Chile.

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