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View Diary: Chris Matthews wonders if women really worry about violence against women (81 comments)

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  •  How would Matthews describe himself? (5+ / 0-)

    I can imagine his voice: "He's like the crazy uncle who keeps showing up for your family reunions.  He talks too much and he cuts everybody off, but still you just gotta love him."  

    Actually, talking too much doesn't bother me.  Think of Stephen Colbert, who limits his guest to approximately seventeen words before running out the clock.  The thing is, Colbert goes right to the core. He manages it so that those seventeen words assemble an entire universe out of the guest's worldview.  It is an absolutely amazing feat, interview after interview.  

    Matthews doesn't have quite that edge, and too often the message gets lost, but compared with so many other interviewers, he is still pretty good at eliciting the best from his guests.  He certainly let NRA-guy show himself to be a fool a couple nights ago.  

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