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  •  Two usergroups who have overcome the liabilty (2+ / 0-)
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    salmo, Thinking Fella

    issue successfully are rock climbers and hunters. Both groups have standard waivers that users sign and give to landowners, the landowner has a copy which he signs giving access. I've never heard of a land owner who gives access via these waivers ever being sued.

    Of course I understand rich people not wanting poor people on their land, it's been happening forever and in all countries, and is ongoing today. One prominent conservation group worked together with the Communist Government in Laos to first steal half the traditional land used by an indigenous people, and then limit their use of the remaining land for hunter gatherer/Swidden agriculture. When asked about it they shrug and say "hey, it's a national protected area".

    I like the new tack the Conservancy is taking with Peter Karieva but ultimately I think the best people to decide public access is the public. I never did like the privatization of conservation. If I were to chose a better path for reforming land conservation I'd work on our Democratic process itself, not look to privatization.

    The RMEF whom limousine types loath, gives land to the Forest Service or US Fish and Wildlife, where it can be used by all while preserving habitat.  

    How big is your personal carbon footprint?

    by ban nock on Fri Apr 05, 2013 at 03:53:04 PM PDT

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