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    No President since Reagan has felt any need to "follow the law like everyone else" if it interferes with establishing American economic hegemony around the world.

    Bush II and Obama have gutted our entire Bill of Rights, all of the first ten Amendments specifically put in place by the Founding Fathers to make sure America remained a unique experiment in self-government, a nation of laws, not men.

    In the days following 9/11 George Bush put the American government on an emergency footing effectively suspending our Constitution, and neither he nor Obama have shown any inclination to step back from there. They rule as dictators in fact, if not in open conduct before the public.

    They are following the advice of Carl Schmitt, who delineated the concept of any national leader's inherent right to declare a national emergency at will, and rule thereafter as they please, above all laws, deemed to be right and legal in their decisions and actions simply because they alone "are the decider" of what is right and legal.

    Carl Schmitt taught Leo Strauss, the professor who is the father of American Neoconservatism. He taught most of the key players in Bush II's administration while at the University of Chicago.

    Read up on Professor Schmitt and Professor Strauss and you will know our President as he really is. The next President will behave as a dictator in turn. This is no longer a nation governed by laws. It is governed by an autocratic head of State who can assassinate you with complete impunity if it pleases him or her.

    Does that sound like the ideas of Jefferson and Franklin?

    Carl Schmitt

    Leo Strauss

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